Deutz BF6M1013 Diesel Engine Unit Pump Installation and Main

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Installation and adjustment
Production of fuel injection pump adjusting gasket
Before installation, first keep the disassembly position clean. When removing the original faulty pump, first remove the two fastening bolts symmetrically and make sure that they do not fall into the diesel engine cylinder. Then remove the ventilating drum on the left side of the diesel engine and use special tools to hold the rack.
When the unit pump is replaced, if the A value marked on the purchased pump is the same as the original one, there is no need to calculate the thickness of the gasket.
If the diesel engine needs to replace the 4-cylinder fuel injection pump, the corresponding EP of the pump is 374. According to the EP, EK value correspondence table of the BF6M1013E diesel engine, find the corresponding EK value, EK = 146.825
Known diesel engine model is BF6M1013, we can get
Lo = 145mm, A = 66
Ts = EK- (Lo + A / 100)
  = 146.825- (143 + 66/100) = 3.165mm
Check the attached table to select the actual required gasket thickness is Ss = 3.2mm.
According to the thickness of the gasket, the fuel injection pump adjustment gasket can be made. Generally, a relatively strong iron piece is selected and processed according to the selected thickness and the installation shape of the injection pump spring base. The two end surfaces of the gasket should be smooth and flat.
Installation and adjustment of fuel injection pump
When installing the fuel injection pump, first place the adjustment gasket into the fuel injection pump mounting hole. Use a special tool or other substitute tool to hold the speed regulating rack against the fan to stop the flameout direction. Turn the wheel of the pump to be installed to the base circle position. Put the pump in the cylinder, fasten the single pump bolt with 5N.m, loosen 60 degrees, and slowly turn the fuel injection pump counterclockwise with a torque wrench until it stops, then press 7N.m, 10N.m 30N.m Torque tightening bolts for high pressure pumps.
When checking, you should first check whether the fuel injection pump and its fittings are all in place, and exhaust the fuel system air. Turn on the ignition switch when the diesel engine does not start, check the flameout solenoid valve, and pull the adjustment rack to see if the action is sensitive.
Then start the diesel engine, listen to the running sound after startup, and watch the exhaust emissions to determine whether the work is normal. If the diesel engine emits black smoke, the diesel engine fuel injection advance angle is too large, that is, the adjustment gasket Ss is too thick, such as white For smoke, the diesel engine fuel injection advance angle is too small and the combustion is not complete, that is, the adjustment gasket Ss is too thin.
The fuel injection pump is the core component of the diesel engine of construction machinery. In the daily work, perform the necessary maintenance on the fuel injection pump. Note the following points:
When installing an injection pump on a Deutz diesel engine, the fuel injection advance angle should be adjusted as described above; the diesel fuel system should use at least a 2-stage filtration system (coarse and fine filtration), and a special filtration system can be added if necessary; The fuel should be clean light diesel oil that meets the national standards, and it should be deposited and filtered for 2 to 3 days. The diesel filter, oil and diesel tank should be replaced regularly. The place is clean.
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