Zhengzhou Deutz Machinery Equipment Ltd It is a modern enterprise engaged in the sales of diesel engines and accessories. We focus on the high-end Deutz diesel engine market and mainly provide German Deutz original parts. At the same time, according to the actual needs of customers, provide quality and reliable parts made in China.

The company's operating products: German Deutz diesel engines: 912/913/914, 413/513, 1012/1013/1015, 2011/2012/2013/2015, TCD2.2/2.9/3.6/4.1/6.1/7.8/12.0 and other series machine and original spare parts.


  • Genuine Deutz parts

  • The packaging used on spare parts will help to indicate whether it’s an imitation or a genuine DEUTZ product.


    • Use of exclusively DEUTZ branded packaging.
    • Boxes sealed with exclusively DEUTZ branded adhesive tape.
    • Use of the safety label with perforation on the packaging. The perforation will tear if the packaging is opened.
    • The security label will contain the DEUTZ hologram sticker.
  • Custom Built Replacement Engines


With the most thoughtful service, the most reliable product quality, let you rest assured use!

Our complex diesel and gasoline engines have mature technology, which enables us to provide the best service for the Chinese market. With all these solutions and the sequential solutions of the electric channel, we have fully met China's new emission standards. In the next few years, this will bring superior opportunities for our development.

CEO der DEUTZ AG:Frank Hiller