Description of the deutz engine supercharger intake pipe and

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Because the Deutz engine is equipped with a closed-loop crankcase breather, that is, the oil and gas in the crankcase is re-inhaled into the engine for combustion, a small amount of oil will enter the intake passage through the crankcase breather and supercharger bearings, and attach to the intake pipe, and even There is a small amount of oil exuding at the interface of the supercharger or intercooler intake pipe, so it is normal.

In the case of an intercooler, it will condense at the bottom of the intercooler, and the oil should be drained through the oil drain plug on the intercooler every 1,000 hours. This description is clearly explained in the relevant sections of the engine operation manual, so it is a normal phenomenon and a maintenance item that the user must do.

The normal oil consumption of a Deutz supercharged water-cooled engine should be less than 5 liters per 1,000 liters of diesel consumed; it may reach 7.5 liters during the running-in period. The user can record the engine / diesel consumption ratio for 100 hours of operation to confirm whether it is within the normal range.

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