DEUTZ Warranty Claim Regulation of Starter & Generator

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All the warranty claims related to starter and generator on Deutz engine, Deutz Germany has a clear regulation. Because all the starters and generators on Deutz engine were manufactured by Bosch Germany, Deutz subsidiary should send the failure parts to the authorized Bosch Dealer for quality inspection. If Bosch authorized dealer conclude that the failure was caused by quality problem of Bosch, then Deutz will accept the claim under warranty and reimburse a new part; If Bosch conclude that the failure was caused by improper use of the enduser, the enduser should pay for the new parts and all the related repair service provided by Deutz.

Because the above mentioned warranty claim procedure need to inspect the failure part first and cause the engine down, so we suggest the enduser or the OEM should buy a new part and replace the failure one, then send the failure part to our office, we will send it to Bosch dealer for inspection. If the result is warranty, Deutz Beijing Office will reimburse a new one or refund the money (the part must be bought from Deutz authorized dealer is the precondition); if the result is improper use of the enduser, we will send the inspection report of Bosch to the enduser or OEM as a final conclusion.

As we suggested that the enduser or the OEM can remove the failure part and install a new one on their own, and then send the failure part back to Deutz Beijing Office for inspection. If the OEM insist that DEUTZ should send service engineer for site service, then the OEM should promise the following in writing: “ If the failure was caused by Deutz quality problem, Deutz should cover all the related repair expenses, if the failure was caused by improper use of the enduser or wrong application of the OEM, we (the OEM) will pay all the expenses.”

As a rep office of DEUTZ Germany, Deutz AG Beijing office should follow the warranty regulation of DEUTZ, so we are very appreciated the cooperative of our OEMs.


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