Deutz engine maintenance common sense

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I. Daily maintenance
1. Check the oil level inside the oil pan. If it is insufficient, add it to the required score line. 
2. Check the amount of cooling water. 
3. Check the stability of the engine connection and the tightness of the attachments. 
4. Keep the engine clean and do the necessary scrubbing. 
5. Eliminate the faults and abnormal phenomena found. 
6. When the ambient temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, drain the cooling water after stopping (when there is no antifreeze). 
Second level maintenance Based on daily maintenance, the following items are added:
1. Check the tightness of the fan belt and adjust if necessary. 
2. Wash oil filter and diesel filter. 
3. Replace the dust on the paper filter element in the air filter. If the filter element is blocked by oil fume black or the filter element is damaged, it should be replaced. 
4. Add 3 # industrial lithium-based grease to water pump bearings, generator bearings, jet pump coupling bearings, and starter motor bearings (can be replaced with composite calcium-based grease or calcium-sodium-based grease, and the maintenance interval should be appropriate shorten). 
5. The parts dismantled for maintenance work must be cleaned and ensured the correct position when reassembling, then start the engine, observe its operation, and eliminate the three leakage faults and abnormal phenomena. 
Third and second-level maintenance In addition to the first-level maintenance, the following items are added:
1. Replace the oil in the oil pan, clean the oil pan and the oil filter. 
2. Check the air valve clearance and adjust if necessary. 
3. Check the fuel injection pressure and atomization of the fuel injector, perform necessary cleaning, adjust the fuel injector or replace the fuel injector parts. 
4. Remove dust from the air cleaner element. 
5. Clean the fuel tank, the strainer and the pipeline on the oil inlet of the fuel pump. 
6. Replace the diesel filter and oil filter. 
7. Use compressed air to blow away the dust in the generator and starter, and check whether all parts are normal, and handle the abnormal parts at the same time.
Fourth and third level maintenance Add the following items on the basis of second level maintenance:
1. Disassemble and inspect the engine. 
2. Cleaning and cooling system: Use 150g of NaOH and 1L of water to prepare a cleaning solution. Before cleaning, drain all the water in the cooling system, then fill with the same amount of cleaning solution, stay for 8 to 12 hours, then run the diesel engine, stop after the water temperature reaches the working temperature, and immediately release the cleaning solution to prevent suspension Scale deposits, and the cooling system should be cleaned with clean water. 
3. Check and clean the lubricating oil passage holes, timing oil chamber nozzle holes, idler gear and idler shaft oil passage holes. 
4. Check the tightness of the cylinder head bolts, connecting rod bolts and main bearing bolts and re-tighten to the specified value as required. 
5. Check the seal of the gas valve. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be ground and corrected. 
6. Check the bottom surface of the valve lifter body. If there is any crack or flaking, it should be replaced. 
7. Remove the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, piston top, cylinder head, and intake and exhaust ducts. 
8. Check the clearance between the crankshaft main bearing and the connecting rod bearing. If the clearance is not satisfactory or if the surface of the bearing pad is severely peeled, ablated or scratched, it should be replaced. 
9. Check the drip condition of the pump's overflow hole. If the drip is serious, replace the water seal. 
10. Check the working condition of the jet pump and readjust if necessary. 
11. Check and adjust the gas distribution timing and injection advance angle. 
12. Disassemble and inspect the generator and starter, clean and repair and fill with new lubricant. 
13. Check the crankcase ventilation device and clean it if necessary. 
14. When the engine's power performance drops significantly, the fuel and oil consumption increase, and the exhaust pipe emits black and blue smoke with a smell of soot, and new piston rings need to be replaced. 
15. Except for the first maintenance, every three levels of maintenance will need to check all parts of the diesel engine, and make necessary adjustments and repairs as needed. 
Fifth, the use of winter technical maintenance When the temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, the use of diesel engines must be given special maintenance.
1. It is necessary to use winter fuel and engine oil, and pay attention to the water content in the fuel, so as not to block the oil circuit. 
2. It is best to fill the cooling system with antifreeze, otherwise the water should be let down when the water temperature drops to 40 ℃ —50 ℃ after stopping. 
3. In severe cold seasons and regions, it is best not to park the vehicle in the open air, otherwise the cooling water must be heated to warm up the engine body and the oil must be heated when starting. These tasks are done well, and the diesel engine can generally start at -20 ° C . When the engine is not working for a long time, it should be effectively sealed to prevent corrosion and damage.
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