Experience in preventing cylinders for Deutz air-cooled dies

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  • Correct operation; F6L913L air-cooled diesel engine requires relatively high operating requirements. Special attention should be paid to the following points: long-term overload operation should be avoided as much as possible; immediately after the diesel engine is started, high-speed operation should be avoided, and the throttle should not be violent during work to prevent cylinder liner The cylinder temperature is caused by the rise of the piston temperature. In order to avoid the accident of pulling the cylinder due to the sudden stop of the cooling fan and the diesel engine being too late to cool, the diesel engine cannot be stopped immediately under full load.
  • Ensure reliable and effective lubrication. To ensure the reliable lubrication of air-cooled diesel engines, the following points should be noted:
  • For F6L913L diesel engines, CC or CD-grade diesel engines must be used in accordance with regulations and should be replaced in time. When the exhaust gas enters the crankcase or diesel leaks into the oil pan, the oil replacement period should be shortened.
  • The normal temperature of the oil in the air-cooled diesel engine should be between 90 ~ 110 degrees, the idle oil pressure should be greater than 49kPa, and the oil pressure during normal work should be between 294 ~ 392kPa.
  • Regularly remove dirt from the oil cooler and replace the oil filter. The oil filter should be replaced every 200 hours of operation. If the oil filter is blocked, the bypass valve will open and the oil will directly enter the main oil passage without filtering. Large impurities can clog the cooling nipple.​
  • ​The meter device should work reliably. If diesel engines are equipped with fan tape monitoring devices, oil pressure gauges and sensors, cylinder head thermometers and sensors, cylinder head temperature alarm switches, etc., each device must be checked regularly.
  • Prevent overheating. Overheating will not only cause abnormal temperature of parts such as cylinder head, piston, etc., but also reduce the oil quality and its cooling effect. The measures are: regularly check the tightness of the fan tape; properly adjust the oil supply advance angle; keep the surface of the heat sink clean; maintain the air filter in time;
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